Insurance Coverage : A Health Care Program Funded By The Federal Government

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Insurance Coverage Medicare is a health care program funded by the Federal government and available to everyone sixty-five and older or who have a disability that keeps them from working. When an individual reaches the age of sixty-five, there are four types of Medicare that are available. These types of Medicare are: Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D. Medicare Part A is the part that covers hospital stays, nursing facilities, home health care and hospice care. This portion of Medicare is free to everyone, as long as they have paid social security taxes for ten years. If they did not pay these taxes there will be a small monthly premium charge. This part of Medicare is very important because as we get older our chances of needing health…show more content…
This will cover clinical research, emergency responders and mental health issues in all aspects of the hospital setting. The third form of Medicare is Part C also known as Medicare Advantage. It is considered to be a manage care model. Medicare Part C includes and covers everything that Part A and Part B do, but is only available to those who have enrolled in Part A and Part B. With this part of Medicare program the original Medicare coverage is directly administered to individuals by the Federal government. Most people choose this form of Medicare because it covers both Part A and Part B. One other type of coverage available through Medicare program is Part C. Part C is not a separate benefit, but with a section of Medicare that allows other health insurance companies to provide the Medicare benefits. Part C was designed to move Medicare patients into a more cost effective form of health coverage. These Medicare plans are known as Medicare Advantage Plan. However, each Medicare Advantage Plan must offer the same benefits and follow rules set by Medicare. Although this plan can charge different out-of-pocket premiums, require certain courage restrictions, ad create rules on how to pay a monthly premium in addition to the Part B premium they are already paying. Even though this section of Medicare allows one to choose a private health insurance at what appears to be less expensive, could actually end up being a little more costly. The fourth part of Medicare is
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