Insurance Customer Service Plan 2016

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MJD Insurance Customer Service Plan 2016 Contents Who are our customers and what are their needs? Who are we and what are our principals? Our 2016 Customer Service Objectives. Plans to action, the procedure changes being implemented. Stakeholder communication guidelines. Dispute resolution processes. Continuous improvement initiatives. Rewards for high service delivery and how this will be monitored and measured. Who are our customers and what are their needs? Our customers need competitive insurance premiums, they need to be able to renew their policies and update their personal details with ease and most importantly they need help when something goes wrong and they have to lodge an insurance claim. When an insurance claim is lodged our customers need efficient and supportive administration support and fast access to well-coordinated skilled repairers. The mechanisms we will utilise to investigate and assess our customer needs include customer satisfaction surveys, Competitor price comparisons, Social media monitoring, Historical complaint data. Other initiatives we will employ to ensure we are meeting our customer’s needs as well as meeting legislative requirements will include reward and recognition programmes, comprehensive complaint resolution processes and internal mystery shopping. The mystery shopping will entail call monitoring across multiple departments where team leaders from different areas of the business audit the service across all departments
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