Insurance Models Importance

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There will be a discussion of what insurance is and what it represents to those insured. Following will be an explanation of the various insurance models available including whole life, term life, variable life, universal life, and index life programs. All of which are good viable options depending on the needs of potential insurance clients. Also included in the explanation will be the advantages and disadvantages of each insurance option. Finally, there will be a brief summary of the various insurance options and their final outcomes in protecting the policy holder’s family and their future.

Insurance Models In the world of corporate and personal finance everyone is always concerned about risk with one’s cash assets or non-liquid assets known as hard assets. Everyone wants to protect the profits while all the while reducing their risk. Here in BA 312 Business Finance we have learned of many ways in which to maximize company profits while minimizing the risks associated with the day-to-day financial decisions. In personal finance one has to guard against risk as well. After all that has been done both corporately and personally to minimize financial risk, there is still another area where one can transfer their risk in order to protect what took years to build. Most do…
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