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Visual Organizer for QBT1 Language & Comm (V1 Undergrad-1211)-PA TASK 3 Teassa Eubanks WGU Student ID #270035 July 25, 2013 Works Cited Jackson, J. (2013). Learning Environments For Homeschooling: Retrieved July 25, 2013 from Wenner, M. (2008). Study: Religion is Good for Kids: Live Science Retrieved July 25, 2013 from Skurchak, G.( 2010). Homeschooling Effects on Children. Retrieved May 2, 2013 from…show more content…
Ideas can be explored thoroughly in a dynamic home school environment, where in a traditional classroom it might need to be pushed aside in order to meet the next learning objective on time. (Jackson, 2013) Religion practices in public schools are a thing of past and are not allowed in public schools. Home schooled children are able to practice whatever religion they choose. Prayer, pledge of allegiance and bible study can be participated in freely, which is a big reason some parents are turning to home schooling. Children with religion in the classroom have better social skills. Kids with religion in their home are better behaved and adjusted than other children, according to a new study that is the first to look at the effects of religion on young child development. (Wenner, 2008) Pressure created by the drama of public school can be detrimental to children’s well being. Bullying is all too real in today’s youth and its not just limited to a certain gender or race. Some kids that are faced with bullying or peer pressure eventually fail or drop out of school completely. Home schooled kids aren’t as subjected to these typed of detriment and most excel, go on to college and become very successful adults. “Peer pressure isn’t as prevalent as with public school setting. Children are less likely to be rebellious and in trouble, as they are more family focused and oriented. These children seem to be closer to their

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