Int Task 3-Toilet Paper Experiment

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INT Task 3: Toilet Paper Absorbency Project Design Plan Problem Statement: Absorbency of toilet paper is found in many aspects when it comes to choosing the right toilet paper. When choosing toilet paper people base their decisions on many factors. Those factors include price, name brand, availability, quantity for the price, and even media deliverance (i.e. commercials) of toilet paper. Although these factors are of key importance, what about the absorbency of toilet paper? This experiment is conducted in the hopes of showing three different levels of absorbency. Testable Question: How does the saturation of three different brands of toilet paper compare? Literature Review: Based off two previous scientific experiments that were found,…show more content…
The controlled variable, which is the amount of time used during each test run, 15 seconds, will also help to validate each test. By ensuring that the same time is used each time, the level of saturated and unsaturated sheets can easily be measured by counting the sheets that were left saturated and unsaturated after each 15 second interval. The relationship between the independent variable, amount of water used, and the dependent variable, the reduction of toilet paper, gives this experiment the ability to easily show the saturation of each brand of toilet paper and well as the unsaturated aspect of each brand of toilet paper. Hypothesis: The absorbency of toilet paper must be in direct relation to the quality of such said toilet paper. The absorbency of toilet paper does not have any impact on price, name brand, availability or the amount of toilet paper used. This hypothesis was derived due to the outside influence consumers’ encounter from name brand, word of mouth or media deliverance of toilet paper. It is predicted that Charmin would be the most absorbent in terms of saturation due to its thickness. Process of Data Collection: When beginning the experiment a large piece of saran wrap was taped on the counter and it was then sectioned of into three sections, one for Charmin, and another for White Cloud and the remainder of the saran wrap for the local store’s name brand, then folded stacks of each brand in increments of fifteen sheets and placed them in

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