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TASK 1 Task 1 Section 1 CONCEPT: A FLAT EARTH Many ancient cultures believed the Earth was flat and surrounded by water. Scientific discoveries through the course of history has proven this false. Flat Earth Image (2012) Retrieved 4/20/2012 from: Task 1 Section 1 ANCIENT BELIEFS Ancient cultures did not believe the Earth to be the spherical object we know Earth to be today. The ancient Chinese people believed the sky was a round dome surrounded by a square Earth. Ancient Egyptian’s believed the world to be a flat disk floating in the ocean. Many followers of the writings in the bible interpreted the angels standing in the four corners of the Earth as a…show more content…
Having this many people move into a area so quickly created many social and economic issues in parts of the country. ^ Mann (2010) Evaluating Katrina’s impact on science retrieved from Task 1 Section 2 EXAMPLES OF CHANGE  Although some view the Katrina disaster as event which occurred because of many natural occurrences colliding together in a perfect storm, climate researchers feel this will become more of the norm. The disaster has given the “greenhouse effect” advocates more ammunition in its case of its ability to alter extreme weather.  Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science studied the effects of hurricanes passing over the deep arm waters of the loop current. Which leads to intensifying of the storms. Many study's are taking place in the Gulf to be able to predict hurricanes intensity and be able to give warnings more accurately and allow more time for residents to take action. ^ West (2005) Did Global Warming Cause Hurricane Katrina? Retrieved from: ^ Unknown Author (2005) Hurricane Katrina retrieved from REFERENCE PAGE Flat Earth Image (2012) Retrieved 4/20/2012 from: http://

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