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INT Task 3 Does Salt make Ice melt Faster? Project Plan Salt is known to be used on icy roads in certain areas of the country in the winter season to help clear roadways to make them safer for travel. Salt causes a reaction that lowers the freezing point of water. In this experiment we will test this method of applying salt to ice to see if for certain this is true, and how much faster the salt melts if so. In this experiment, the Independent Variable will be adding Salt to the ice and the Dependent variable will be the time it takes the ice to melt. The Plan is to use two ice cubes in separate containers, and add ice to only one of these. Each will be timed and observed for the duration it takes both to melt, and data will be…show more content…
* Place one ice cube into each container. * One Ice cube will have nothing added to it. * To other Ice Cube add ½ tsp of salt (sprinkled over top). * Start your timer(s). * Record how long it takes for each Ice Cube to melt completely, taking progress notes as you go. For instance, the percentage of the ice cube that has melted at 5 minutes, 20 minutes, etc. Reasoning I chose this method to keep the two Ice cubes separated during the experiment, and to see the two individual results of adding salt, or adding nothing to the ice. Keeping the Ice cubes separate allows no error in collecting data on each individual subject. Adding salt to one will not interfere with data collected on the ice cube melting with no additives. Some studies were very similar, but most used many different substances to test how quickly Ice would melt. These included for instance Sugar, and Sand. Sequence of Events: The experiment will start with two ice cubes. One will have nothing added to it, the other will have ½ tsp of salt sprinkled over it. Each will be separate on two different plates/containers. Time will be kept with a stopwatch, and notes will be taken throughout the experiment on the percentage of ice that has melted at certain points in time. Tools A timer will be used to record the amount of time it takes each ice cube to melt. As well as a medicine cup to measure the ½ tsp of salt that will be added. The Stopwatch used

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