Intake Sessions At The London Employment Health Center With Amy Thompson

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Speaker: Today is August 26, 2014 and this is John Grundy providing debriefing notes from sitting in on three different intake sessions at the London Employment Health Center with Amy Thompson. So, there were three different sessions and the three were all somewhat different. The first intake session was for a man around 30 years old from Iran who had just arrived in Canada, so he is a newcomer and he had been in Canada for three weeks. In Iran he was a certified engineer, so he was looking for opportunities in engineering, building construction and land surveying, which was something that he did a lot. So, he was a professional in Iran and sort of looking for opportunities in Canada that were consistent. He sat down with Amy and she sort of asked him the questions that brought up all of this information about Iran and she was confirming information on the intake form that he had already filled out in the reception area. Then she was asking for things such as his English assessment because there is a formal testing of his English which needed to get done and his English was strong, but he was going to go to ESL school for three more months, from September to December to sort of bring it up because out of a scale of one to eight his English was a six or seven and maybe even his speaking was six but his writing was five or something so, Amy suggested that he sort of needed to bring those up as much as he could. There were other things that needed to get done right
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