Essay on Integral Philosophy of Education

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Integral Philosophy of Education ABSTRACT: Education, an action, is a process, a development of the imperfect human being intentionally directed at achieving the ideal of human plenitude in the best possible manner. This is a description of the educational process based on the human being who travels toward plenitude, a point of arrival; the human being who achieves his or her own perfection in the best possible manner; and a method: intentional guidance towards plenitude in the harmonious formation of humanity. It is not enough to say what education is or what it is like. It is necessary to clarify what education is for. The harmonious development of essential, integral and vocational abilities makes the student more perfect and…show more content…
It is a method: intentionally guiding a human being towards the plenitude of the harmonious formation of man. Personalized education does not exclude that which is essential—common and equal—in all human beings; instead, it invigorates and justifies the individual himself or his individual personality. Body and soul are susceptible to acquiring perfection and beauty, as Plato wished. This perfection assumes there is a natural, progressive and systematic development of all of man's superior abilities. Education is about preparing us for an integral life and for that which comes after our worldly existence. For that reason, the organization of habits capable of adapting individuals to their physical and social environment are so important. It would, however, be an error to limit us, as pragmatists do, to the organization of habits and the adaptation of individuals to their circumstances. The formation of men: as multi-dimensional and harmonious human beings and not just as specialists is fundamental. In this sense, education is the intentional perfection of uniquely human powers through systematic activities exercised by teachers with learners. The individual who receives education is an imperfect person capable of perfection. A person becomes educated because he is able to be educated; because his ability to acquire education
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