Integrated Approach In Early Childhood

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Early childhood classrooms serve as the environment for young children to learn and develop. In order to effectively facility students learning a teacher must have well organized, evidence based, exciting, teaching strategies and approaches. One effective approach teacher can utilize is integrated curriculum approach. An integrated approach allows students to engage in purposeful, relevant learning. Integrated learning encourages students to see connections and relationships between curriculum areas. Rather than focusing on learning in an isolated curriculum area, an integrated program is based on skill development around a particular theme that is relevant to the children in the class. Mrs. Gonzalez’s 3k through 3rd grade Spanish class is a great example of a well-organized integrated approach. Through my observation of Mrs. Gonzalez’s Spanish class I was able to comprehend the impact an integrated approach can have on students’ learning and development.
In Mrs. Gonzalez’s Spanish class, her students learn the Spanish language is a vast range of contexts – both social and educational. Effective
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Gonzalez’s integrated Spanish curriculum is a great idea for her young students because each student becomes more engaged in different activities that combine different skills. As the students sing different Spanish songs Mrs. Gonzalez layers rhythm, which is math, then the melody, which is music, and the lyrics, which is the new language of Spanish, then she adds some fun dance moves, for a layer physical development. This type of learning is more meaningful for the children as each one feels positive about their accomplishment in the scheme of the overall lesson. Mrs. Gonzalez’s Spanish class is a balanced learning approach that is fun. She keeps her students interested and focused on learning Spanish. In Mrs. Gonzalez’s integrated Spanish class the kids feel knowledgeable enough about Spanish to answer simple questions, which make them feel important and
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