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Unit 1 – Integrated Distributors Incorporated
Marcial Norori
Mr. James Hollis
ITT Technological Institute – Miami

IDI cannot continue operating with a neglected IT infrastructure. A plan needs to be prepared to identify every issue with the IT infrastructure. Such plan should describe actions to eliminate or mitigate the risks, and provide a framework within which the improvement, development and delivery of information technology could be increasingly responsive, stable, and secure in the coming years.
Some of the upgrades included on that plan are the following:
•Network infrastructure should be upgraded to Gigabit Ethernet, considerably increasing network speed
•Port speed needs to be increased from 10 Mbps
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As software evolves from version to version, it often becomes easier to use, and more intuitive to put to work. Since employee salaries are a major portion of business expenses, upgrading software is synonymous with investing in employee productivity.
Failure to upgrade software may lead to feelings of neglect since employees have access to and can see the advantages of upgrading long before management makes the decision to upgrade.
Upgrading hardware directly affects the health and success of the overall business, so administrators should take the time to review their options and select systems that fit their business needs. But sometimes a hardware upgrade isn’t that simple. In today’s world, the technology is changing by the minute, and it refuses to wait for anyone to catch up. Router and switch upgrades are the top project priorities for network managers, followed by wireless implementations. Once the choice to begin a network

Hardware upgrade has been made, the key to success will be open and honest communication and cooperation. The networking, security, financial and management teams, as well as the network's users, must all be involved. Determining the complexity of an upgrade requires identifying and understanding the network's key functions and what devices and applications support the current environment, inventorying all hardware and software assets. This is an
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