Integrated Governance: Health Policy

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The changes to health policy and the re-organisation of the NHS in recent years which has led to improve integrated governance, has all developed as a result of the catastrophic failings that occurred in Mid-Staffordshire healthcare Trust. The Secretary of State for health, Andrew Lansley, announced a full public inquiry to parliament on the 9th June 2009 into the role of the commissioning, supervisory and regulatory bodies in the monitoring of Mid-Staffordshire Foundation Trust (Midstaff inquiry online, 2013). This inquiry was led by Robert Francis QC, who proposed recommendations to ensure that similar events do not repeat in future. The Francis report made 290 recommendations which included improved support for compassionate, caring and…show more content…
The flow chart also takes into consideration any weight loss and if the patient is acutely ill. Depending on the risk calculated (low, medium or high) there are steps to ensure what routine checks must be done or treatment that must commence, including collaborating with other professionals such as the hospital’s nutritional support team or a specialist dietician. The hospital in which the author worked under have also created an additional continuation sheet [see appendix 5] which enables the nurse or healthcare worker to document results accurately and in line with NMC (2009) record keeping standards. The BAPEN MUST assessment complies with the NICE (2006) guidelines on nutritional support in adults and stipulates that a clear process should be established for documenting the outcomes of screening and have developed a section which shows audit criteria. The standards clearly urge and support the implementation of effective nutritional screening and stress the importance of its use within practice under section 1.2, commenting that screening should be carried out by healthcare professionals with the appropriate skills are training on all hospital inpatients on admissions, which should be repeated weekly, matching the guidelines for the screening tool used (NICE, 2006). The nutritional tool used by the authors Trust also
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