Integrated Healthcare Marketing Strategies

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Integrated Healthcare Marketing Strategies
The creation and execution of promotional and communications strategies are by definition today multichannel and multimedia in scope. Combining both online and offline forms of media, the best practices in integrated marketing communications includes digital media that is inherently more measurable than offline counterparts, with offline media that is more agile from a messaging standpoint (Finne, Strandvik, 2012). The accuracy and precision of measurement that online marketing channels and platforms provide, in addition to the more immediate response generated from programs, is leading to digital media being the majority of integrated marketing communications spending globally (Reinold, Tropp, 2012). This has significant implications on the ethicacy of advertising for healthcare products, as customers demand more authenticity and transparency through these online channels (Bernoff, Li, 2008). The pervasive use of social media is re-ordering the balance of power between customer and marketer roles in the marketplace (Finne, Strandvik, 2012). These are all factors healthcare marketers need to keep in mind when designing their strategic marketing plans.
Bringing Ethicacy Into Integrated Marketing Plans
For any health-related product, the integrated marketing communications strategy needs to first concentrate on the entire customer experience and be cognizant of their needs while striving for complete authenticity

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