Integrated Lean Operation Continuous Improvement Model

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The FPS Continuous Improvement Model is the foundation for all manufacturing operations. A ten-step process that aims to continuously improve processes through standardization and Andon recognition. The model looks for creating stability to inputs, normalize processes, and seeking change (if necessary) for outputs. The ten FPS Continuous Improvement Model Processes are [12]: • Continuous Improvement Board • Start-up Confirmation • Results Process • Support Process • Time and Data Management • Basic Administration • Kaizen • Standardized Work • Star Points 2.4 OVERVIEW OF BOMBARDIER OPERATING SYSTEM (BOS) The Bombardier Operations System is BT’s integrated Lean Operations system and BT´s strategy for operational excellence. 2.4.1 THE…show more content…
The principle of Go and see for yourself must be developed to increase the level of understanding, proper report outs and problem solving. Countermeasures are of good quality when the Go and see principle is followed. Make decisions slowly by consensus, thoroughly considering all options; implement decisions rapidly. Become a learning organization through relentless reflection and continuous improvement. 2.6 MANAGING BARRIERS TO LEAN PRODUCTION IMPLEMENTATION (LPI) [13]. 2.6.1 POSSIBLE BARRIERS FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF LEAN ON THE PRODUCTION LINE B1: People seem demotivated after a few years This typically occurs when you have a repetitive work and there is no rotation and multi skilling. Rotation and multiskilling can go beyond production but to other departments in a sense that they get exposed to the functions of other departments. Refresher trainings need to be conducted because people turn to create their shortcuts that might not necessary be in line with the standards [13]. B2: Lack of technical knowledge of lean by the support areas (Engineering, IT, Logistics, HR, Purchase, Maintenance and others) This typically occurs when the heads of departments don’t understand the Lean principles. Lean is mostly being viewed as a tool that works for production only this creates a lack of interest in the principles. B3: Lack of human and/or financial resources This is when the interest in lean production
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