Integrated Marketing Communication Essay

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Several facts are changing in today’s marketing communications. Owing to the growing numbers of alternative communication media and promotion, marketing communication does not just primarily focus on advertising and promotion. Organizations and entrepreneurs begin moving toward the process of integrated marketing communication (IMC), which has emerged as a new concept and the major communication development in marketing in the 21th century. More and more companies adopt IMC to convey a consistent message about their brand and products to derive competitive advantage and brand value. In addition, IMC has developed into a beneficial strategy for companies to reach more customers as well as build good customer relationships. Smith et al.…show more content…
Marketers can combine a variety of IMC tools to create brand value and avoid potential conflicts (Duncan & Everett, 1993) rather than separate practices to produce manifold messages about the same brand. However, companies can no longer be tied to a specific communication tool such as advertising. In order for consumers to get uniformity message and brand information, Reid (2005) states that marketers should fully apply IMC to capture audiences’ attention and convince them to have high perception of product and brand. On the other hand, an important part of a firm’s market program is developing, building and conveying a brand image in marketing communications to influence consumers’ perceptions and create loyal customers. According to Kitchen et al. (2004), “IMC is to enable various messages from different communication channels coming together to create a coherent corporate and brand image”. Furthermore, IMC has been a business strategic process that could contribute to build brand value and affect the consumers’ perception of the brand (Schultz, 2004; Madhavaram et al., 2005), this can change consumers’ awareness and loyalty. Similarly, Reid (2005) provides support that IMC plays an important role that makes company more efficient in building and maintaining brand image and customer relationship. That is, effective communication can facilitate the formation of brand awareness and a positive brand image in the consumer’s mind. In other word, brand image
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