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Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is a communications process that entails the planning, creation, integration and implementation of diverse forms of marketing communications (advertisements, sales promotions, publicity releases, events, etc) that are delivered over time to a brands targeted customers and prospects. The goal of IMC is ultimately to influence or directly affect the behaviour of the targeted audience. IMC considers all sources of contact that a customer / prospect has with the brand as potential delivery channels for messages and makes use of all communications methods that are relevant to customers /prospects and to which they might be receptive. IMC requires that all of a brands communication media and messages …show more content…
Due to its lack of definition, IMC cannot be clearly inferred from practice, it cannot be stated as to what it is or isn’t, its ideas influence as a management fashion can be profound in the general and popular ideas that it disseminates and the rhetoric that it provides to practicing managers.

The difference in opinion about the historical context and the emergence of IMC hangs closely together with the lack of a definition of the concept (Nowark and Phelps, 1994; Phelps and Johnson, 1996; Kitchen, 1999). While writers appear to agree on the areas of coverage by IMC with concern for both organisational processes of structuring and co-ordinating working practices of marketing communication professionals, as well as the execution and content of communication programs (Nowak and Phelps, 1994; Prensky et al., 1996; Petrison and Wang, 1996). There has been little research done on the theory of IMC.

“While there is considerable debate and discussion of the subject, i.e. who does it, how it is done, etc., the formal presentation of research, theory development, and other materials by either practitioners or academics has been slow in coming.” (Schultz and Kitchen, 1997)

In effect, having no clearly defined definition contributes to the lack of operational measures of IMC (Phelps et al., 1996), which makes it difficult to identify or evaluate
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