Integrated Marketing Communication Mix Of Apple Company

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The aim of a business is to make profit and remain a going concern as it will entail a collective process which needs to be communicated to the public effectively. The means through which products and services are communicated to the public will depend on marketing strategies. It is therefore not only a means but a tool implemented to reach the target audience. Marketing is the drive to implement company’s targets. It is the communication means through which company products and services get to the final consumers. Therefore, inevitably an effective marketing strategy will yield to more profitable outcome. This report will analyse and access the integrated marketing communication mix of Apple Company in the United…show more content…
The objective of the research is to show the extensive use of integrated marketing communication mix and how they are put to efficient use. INTRODUCTION The process of buying and selling is the most important aspect to a business. No business can therefore survive without making profit. To achieve a profit a business organisation requires the means to attract consumers to buy the services and products. The means and the process through which the business aims to attract and lure in more customers is marketing. Marketing is the means through which products and services are communicated to customers with the aim of improving sales and revenue. Marketing will aim at enhancing the prospect of a company’s revenue target by improving sales through different promotional and marketing strategies. The use of a standard strategy is necessary but would depend on the company type and prospect. To be purposeful in pursuit, the company will need to employ different marketing strategies to different situations. The marketing experts will need to understand the market situation because their strategies would be crucial to company targets. Since no company intends to operate at a loss, a lot of investment goes into marketing and marketing strategies. Marketing plays a crucial role for every organisational growth and development. The in-depth knowledge of any marketing strategist would be aimed at ensuring
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