Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) in the UK

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INTRODUCTION Over the last decade, product marketing and ways through which communication takes place between manufacturers and consumers has changed tremendously (Belch & Belch 2004). Due to the technological revolutions and the rise of innovations such as the mobile phones and the internet, control over information has shifted apparently from the manufacturer's hands to the hands of consumers (Belch & Belch 2004). The market environment has also changed due to globalization of marketing strategies, loss of confidence in media advertising, increased reliance on targeted communication methods, and media fragmentation and so on (Belch & Belch 2004). Given the changing market environment, the need for more efficient and cost effective…show more content…
As a result of the IMC concept, marketers are increasingly employing several devices which were once the domain of dedicated and specialist companies (Dewhirst & Davis 2005). This concept has been embraced in practice by many companies not only due to the acquisitions and mergers which have resulted in consolidation of the advertising industry but also due to the synergies that have emerged from the integration of the various communication activities within the IMC framework (Dewhirst & Davis 2005). LITERATURE REVIEW The IMC concept has also received greater attention in the academic sphere. Several academic journals have devoted space to explore on the deeper implications of IMC in advertising and planning (Low & George 2000). These include: journal of marketing communications, journal of Advertising research and journal of Business research among others. Scholarly work on IMC, however, seems to be evolving from the limited view of effective co-ordination to a strategic process (Low & George 2000). The depth and breadth of research in the field of IMC has also evolved since its initial inception in the late 1980s. A review of the various publications and scholarly work on IMC shows recurring themes, in particular, themes related to the definitional issues of the IMC concept and its theoretical development (Low & George 2000). Several scholars have undertaken and sufficiently discussed on the IMC concept by providing more in-depth literature
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