Integrated Marketing Communications ( Imc ) Promotion Plan

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Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Promotion Plan
Chennai Dining needs an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Plan which can deliver a favorable outcome to the business goals. Chennai Dining IMC will use the same messages in its promotion across the board. By leveraging IMC, Chennai Dining make it visible spicy food business in the fast food industry. The goal is to bring consistent promotion message across Chennai Dining consumers by leveraging multiple promotion sources to achieve this marketing objective. Any or the entire marketing channel will direct all recipient to avail current promotion, personalized future promotions, and other deals through Chennai Dining print and electronic media. The rewards or deal programs
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As a first step in developing an integrated marketing communications plan, we know the target customers. The end product is being a spicy food, anyone can consume food. We will target all citizens, but being ethnic food, we can customize specialized messaged to Southern Indian, Indian and South East Asian customers who are unique and look for spicy food. We target all customers and we have different spicy and healthy food to appeal all level of age, demographics, gender and education level. According to the distribution of customer, we have designed distribution channel like kids add on week end and other media throughout the week.
Maine State expects tourism will increases by 10% and the traffic volume will increase in the summer months. The motel industry has similar forecast for the current year and with the increase in traffic gets more traffic to our dining who are in need of spicy food through Bill board advertisements. Also, increase in visitors stay with in the Portland area helps our Dining have greater visibility since we are in the old port area that is famous for visitors. We will have our promotion in most of the nearby hotels, motels, tourist and commercial establishments in their visitors ' area.
Chennai Dining is unique in the food servicing industry and want to create a unique spicy food brand for the business. The purpose of identity is to make
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