Integrated Marketing Communications Involves Realigning Communications Flow From Different Sources

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Integrated marketing
An integrated marketing program that will comprise a variety of communication methods will be implemented. Integrated marketing communications involves realigning communications flow from different sources. It aims at encouraging organization’s target market to listen to what the business has to offer. These channels include PR, sales promotion, social media marketing and traditional advertising. Service related information to consumers will be disseminated through these channels. Each touch point will be supported by an appropriately positioned brand to truly maximize return on investment.
Public relations
The traditional view is that public relations existed to enhance the image of a business while marketing
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Applicable principles of effective communication include two-way communications, source credibility and audience participation. Therefore, organizations’ reputation is imperative to the effectiveness of integrated marketing communications. Well established PR techniques are vital in such communication engagements.
Sales promotion
Promotion activities will be conducted in the initial stages to make customers aware of the business. In the advanced stages, sales promotion will be implemented to promote sales and positive customer relationships.
Social media marketing
The business will use different social media platforms to conduct marketing activities. The advantage of using social media is that a business can track customers’ actual behavior. This can allow Wynn Resort to nurture and personalize relationships with customers. Various measures have been taken to allow the company to have an integrated, holistic view of its customers. Through the use of newer and comprehensive social media platforms, Wynn Resorts will easily integrate data from many platforms and enhance customer engagement. Improved communications online will lead to higher customer satisfaction from better interactions.
With the quick adoption of apps, Wynn Resorts will improve the firm’s brand in the market. Positive branding is a relevant and genuine differentiator virtually in every market. Social media is important in engaging
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