Integrated Marketing Communications Is The Exception Rather Than A Rule

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“One of the most talked about ideas in marketing during the 1990s was the notion of integrated marketing communications (IMC). And while marketing managers still clearly feel that it is a valuable concept and one that will play an increasingly important role in their companies, there is unfortunately a great deal of evidence to suggest that truly integrated marketing communications is the exception rather than a rule”
(Percy and Rosenbaum-Elliott, 2012)
Initial discussions on IMC were based on definitions and theoretical understanding, and this discussion is still taking place. IMC or Integrated Marketing Communications according to Schultz (1993) combine and evaluate strategic role of diverse communications to produce a greater impact. It is a process that produces and applies different communication programs starting with the customer and work back to outline right approaches and procedures to progress throughout these influential programs. Another source sees it as a business process that aims to plan, implement and assess influential marketing communications over time. There isn’t a clear definition for it, each source rely on a different definition however according to all found IMC is identified as a strategic process. It’s composed of three main basics: consumer, channels and evaluation of performances. Consumer gives an idea of how an exchange of information affects message’s form and content. Communication channels analyze each channel in apart to

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