Integrated Marketing Communications Essay

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Integrated Marketing Communications Integrated Marketing Communications is a concept that has been around for quite a long time. It is bringing together advertising and the marketing communications that are used. This concept has become a very important way for marketing departments to transmit a message to their target audience. The important factor is getting to know the customers, therefore the more knowledge of customer data shapes the marketing communications and advertising message that is created.

Definition states IMC as "A management concept that is designed to make all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing work together as a …show more content…

Therefore, the relationship between IMC processes and marketing strategy within a non-profit organization is defined by the message being sent. The message for a non-profit has a goal to collect money, so their message differs greatly from a for-profit entity that is trying to push their product/service to be purchased.

Relationship of IMC processes There are still the same stages that non-profit and for-profit organization needs to use. The translation portion, which involves building a message that, will be used across all types of channels. The forming of the advertising mediums that will take that message across those channels, and lastly, to build a return on the investment made for the marketing communications is essential. The differing piece in the last step is that for-profit needs to see an ROI, whereas the non-profit does not.

Real World IMC

Currently I am in the process of needing to develop a campaign for the sales position I hold for an online advertising agency. There is currently not an integrated marketing campaign in place, so the essential piece to my work example is starting to start putting together the IMC plan together. We're (StudyLink) having problems reaching our target audience in an effective manner here in the United States. As Clow and Baack state, "The purpose of the plan is to achieve harmony in relaying messages to customers and other publics" (2004). If I can start building the company's IMC

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