Integrated Marketing Communications

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 FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) are the products which are used daily. FMCG products are prone to quick sales and these products are very vulnerable and need quick sales and advertisement.
 As marketing manager of FMCG Company, I would coordinate more with the IMC tools.
 The tools which I will be using are advertising, direct marketing, internet marketing, sales promotion and public relations. Advertising: o Aggressive advertising will be undertaken for FMCG products. Mass advertising will make the product well known and more people will become aware of the product. o Advertising through television commercials, appointing well known faces to promote the FMCG product, outdoor advertising via hoardings, billboards, bus stands, shops etc. Direct marketing: o It will help to reach customers directly without the channel members. o The company will partner with various restaurants, theaters so that they would promote company’s product. o And also sponsoring sports event in India and around world would help to gain recognition and brand loyalty. Internet marketing : o Internet marketing has become very crucial way to connect with those customers who doesn’t have time to watch television and is online most of the time. o Internet helps to give personalized touch and one to one communication via face book, twitter,…
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