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BUS 336
Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

Table of Contents Page Executive Summary 4
1 Marketing Objectives 6 1.1 Marketing Objectives 6 1.2 Sales / Profits 7 1.3 Market Share 7 1.4 Long Term Potential 8 1.5 Positioning Objectives 8

2 Target Market & Action Objectives 9 2.1 Primary Target Market 9 2.2 Secondary Target Market 9 2.3 Purchase Behaviour of Both Market Segments 10 2.4 Action Objectives 12

3 Marketing Communication Objectives 13 3.1 Category Needs 13 3.2 Brand Awareness 14 3.3 Brand Attitude 15 3.4 Purchase Intention 16 3.5
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Brand's ® believes that consumers uses physical characteristics to judge product quality, on the basis of “rational” or “objective” product choice (Schiffman er al. 2007, 163). Hence, Brand’s ® aims to achieve 50% in usage expansion and developing of new uses benefits, not only used as an occasion product for during school examination period but as a lifestyle product. Brand’s ® also wish to change on the consumer perceptions by influencing perceived quality to its target audience by the end 31 March 2010.

Brand’s ® will be working towards attractive packaging that will seems appealing to the primary target audience whom are often easily been attracted to the products that may catch their attention and also encourage repeat purchases. Brand’s ® will also be working towards achieving a Value-added pricing strategy whereby consumers also rely on price as an indication of product quality (Schiffman er al. 2007, 169).

Brand’s ® aims to achieve a website traffic of 5,000 hits per month by using weblogs where a two-way communication will be achieved to better understanding of consumers beliefs. Brand’s ® believes that on-line order channel will ease the purchase inconvenience and hence encourage more of the sales figure to increase.

Brand’s ® aims to achieve product demonstrations and product trials in the 20% of primary schools within a 6 months period
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