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Running head: INTEGRATEDMARKETINGSTRATEGY Integrated Marketing Strategy Joey Willoughby OMM615 Integrated Marketing Communications/Advertising/Public Relations and More Instructor: Dr. Janis McFaul September 29, 2014 Integrated Market Strategy Introduction: This research document will encompass an integrated market strategy for the Toyota Tundra. It will embody such descriptives as an overview/executive…show more content…
Toyota encountered voluminous retractions of its vehicles in 2009 due to faulty accelerator problems. This phenomenon resulted in Toyota being scrutinized both inside and outside the organization, and as a direct result has emanated more Herculean in nature from the exigency which was encountered. Toyota has since become more centralized on the consumers and safety issues due to the organization having gone through this particular crisis. The organization’s strong reemergence is also largely due to the prompt and efficient actions of Toyota Motor Company in correcting this problem with the retracted vehicles. This researcher strongly suggests that Toyota continues in its efforts to ensure the utmost in safety, and should an unfortunate perplexity such as the faulty accelerator recur that the respond promptly to the problem and take corrective actions to ensure that all faulty vehicles are repaired. A reactive public relations response is also warranted for damage control. Describe the product/service and desired brand image: As an owner of a 2013 Toyota Tundra, this researcher can describe Toyota’s Tundra truck as a (4 door) truck with a 6-speed automatic transmission. It can comfortably seat six and is a V-8 E Flex –fuel vehicle. This vehicle is also four wheel drive. The fuel economy in the city is classed at 13 mpg and on the highway is classed at 18 mpg. Consumer rating on the 2013 Toyota Tundra is 5 star. The intrinsic warranty is quoted as 3

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