Integrated Nation Crime Information System Essay

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Introduction and Background
INCIS, which stands for Integrated Nation Crime Information System was designed to provide information to the police of New Zealand in the 1990s, although the project was abandoned in 1999. INCIS was planned to replace the existing computer system to improve the competence of criminal justice agencies, and provide assistance to reduce crimes throughout prominent planning and also provide better capability to identify and capture crimes.

The existing system:
Prior to INCIS, the National Law Enforcement System, better known as the Wanganio computer, was implemented in the 1976 by the State Services Commission in Wanganui.

The LES was established to manage all the information that was required by justice agencies. This includes all historical, management and operational data in which the system incorporate 4500 computers and 215 terminals that allows such criminal information to be stored. National Law Enforcement System also stored the data on tape.

The INCIS project was commenced in the early nineties and was promised a deliverable of a new integrated system which will notably make an improvement to the police methods of managing crimes.

Why the project was needed (purpose and justification):
The National Law Enforcement System used several old programming languages to manage and write information that is stored in the database. A new programming language was introduced and the Law Enforcement System later on
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