Integrated Science

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Integrated Science Energy in a system may be transformed so that it resides in a different state. Energy in many states may be used to do many varieties of physical work. Energy may be used in natural processes or machines, or else to provide some service to society (such as heat, light, or motion). For example, an internal combustion engine converts the potential chemical energy in gasoline and oxygen into heat, which is then transformed into the propulsive energy (kinetic energy that moves a vehicle). A solar cell converts solar radiation into electrical energy that can then be used to light a bulb or power a computer. In the modern world we use energy for anything such as to power our house, to drive our car, cellphones and many other…show more content…
The oil development is really advanced because we use it to power cars, trains, airplanes and we make lots of household products with it. While oil is our main sources of energy, the world reserve of oil is running extremely low. The big companies’ needs to develop other ways to provide energy to the world population and to use other materials than plastic and other oil based products. Solar and wind energy are two popular alternative energy to fossil fuels. Personally I really like the solar energy source of energy because its free, clean and anybody can used it, But the only problem with solar energy is the development of saving it is very slow and not really reliable. Some houses in Florida use solar energy but it’s not 100 % efficient because they still have to rely on the electric company or gas powered generator to recharge batteries. Developing solar energy to be more efficient and cheaper lots of developing countries will have an easier and faster way to provide electricity. Wind technology is another clean and safe way to power homes, cities, countries. Wind technology is not available as solar technology but they need to make it more available to people and if they want to go away from coal and oil they need to develop it more to provide a clean and safer way to provide electricity to the mass
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