Integrated Service Marketing Communication For Anz Bank

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2.4. Integrated Service Marketing Communication Integrated service marketing communication for ANZ bank includes five characteristics such as- • Profile of the target market (ThanhThuy, 2014) • Use of appropriate media channels • Influencing the behaviour of target market (ThanhThuy, 2014) • Customer relationship management • Building communication synergy Both the internal and external communication responsibilities for ANZ bank lie on the shoulders of corporate communication strategies which includes internal communication and media communication. On an internal basis, the team entitled for this purpose has to ensure that people have the required information which are important to understand to get involved in the work and which is in…show more content…
An increase of 56% in traffic has been recorded (Mack, 2013) • High customer participation- Because of the various campaigns related to service processes, ANZ bank was able to achieve a response rate of 20% from the customers. ANZ bank tried to encourage participation among the employees of the bank. Recommendations- Personal touch of the employees of the company to their customers in terms of “personal selling” can prove out to be very useful to the company. This theory is the most powerful tool for service marketers such as ANZ bank (Burrows, 2011). Some of the private banks give direct visits to customers at their house (Lovelock, 2011). 2.6. People Management The mission of the human resource department of ANZ bank is to provide best company, best leader and opportunities to the employees. It is highly responsible for coming up with strategic human resource functions of the bank which includes major practice areas of rewards, remuneration, culture, change, ethics, employee relations, operations, transformations, organizational capability and other shared values of human resource services. Corporate social responsibility is another mission of the ANZ bank. Herzberg theory was applied to the work processes of the employees to improve their engagement activities towards the work which is bound to provide higher satisfaction to the customers (Porter, 2008). ANZ bank used Kurt Lewin’s three step change model in order to change the behaviour

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