Integrated Systemic Therapy Is The Most Integrated Of The Therapies Essay

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Integrated Systemic Integrated systemic therapy is, as the name suggests, the most integrated of the therapies. This method takes a team approach, uniting procedures from all other therapies (Nichols & Schwartz, 1998). The change is at the interactional level. In other words, the team focuses on how the couple interacts with each other. Changing the interaction cycle leads to modification in other behaviors (Goldman & Greenberg, 1992). Unlike the other types of therapy, however, couples do not need to be aware of the cycles that are trying to be broken. Shifting the meaning linked to the situation reverses cycles of negative behavior. Research illustrates that it is possible that the team has a huge influence in treatment. The team effort creates social support for the couple (Goldman & Greenberg, 1992) . There are a series of steps involved in integrated systemic couples therapy (Goldman & Greenberg, 1992). First, the therapist and the couple define the issue. A negative cycle is determined, but not necessarily by the couple; the therapist could determine the negative cycle instead. The therapist and couple come together to restructure that negative cycle, and try to redefine the problem with a positive spin. The important aspect of integrated systemic therapy is that the therapist encourages the couple to progress at their own pace (Goldman & Greenberg, 1992). Restraint is a key component because it allows the couples examine their actions, as opposed to rushing into

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