Integrating A Caring Based Nursing Model

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University of Arizona Dudkiewicz, P. B. (2014). Utilizing a Caring-based Nursing Model in an Interdepartmental Setting to Improve Patient Satisfaction. International Journal for Human Caring, 18(4), 30-33. doi:10.20467/1091-5710-18.4.30 This article focused on a study of the implementation of the Watson theory of human caring and how it has a positive outcome when implementing the caring-based model. The purpose is to see if the caring-model would change the satisfaction rate a patient has when going to a hospital for assistance. Staff members from different departments had to assist a presentation where they learned about caring techniques such as Watson theory and how they should apply them at work. In the study there were 2 sample groups that were split randomly to prevent bias to analyze and take questionnaires of pre intervention and post intervention. Methods used for this study was the CBA tool that used the five-point scale to measure that focused on nurses and staff behavior and compare the results. The results showed that the staff members who attended the caring model presentation had a positive outcome as staff focused on patients’ needs. The final outcomes showed that implementing the caring-based model in different departments in health care setting benefits both staff and overall patients experience. After learning about this study and the positive outcomes, I agree with the idea of implementing these types

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