Integrating A Dual Language Immersion Program

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Based on the information presented by Rhodes, Ochoa, Ortiz’s “Assessing Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students a practical guide” I would develop a Two Way Dual language immersion K-12 program involving a Late Exit Transitional Bilingual Education element. I visualize a Dual Language Immersion as program that provides education in two languages for English speakers and non-native speakers of English. In a Two-Way ninety-ten system or program in which monolingual English-speaking students acquire the school curriculum together with non-native speakers of English; a portion of the instructional day is taught in English and another portion is in Spanish. In a One-Way – ninety-ten system or model it will follow the same model as the Two-Way with the only difference being the classroom structure. Classroom structure consists primarily of non-native speakers of English. The ultimate goal of this model aims for additive bilingualism, biliteracy, above average academic achievement in two languages, and multiculturalism for all students in grades K-12th. The bilingual program clearly follows the Bestever Charter Schools Transitional Model defined as: K-1st - 90% Spanish and 10% English 2nd - 80% Spanish and 20% English 3rd - 70% Spanish and 30% English 4th - 60% Spanish and 40% English 5th - 40% Spanish and 60% English 6th - 10% Spanish and 90% English I believe that all students, including English Language Learners: would be taught all day by a certified teacher who
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