Integrating An Effective Safe And Secure Learning Environment

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Integrating an effective safe and secure learning environment is very imperative when ensuring student safety and success. Student safety is a number one key aspect towards a successful student learning environment. Statistics show that if students are presented in a safe and effective place, whereas the best practice principles in leadership is development accurately, they will grow as students, and their learning abilities will grow as well.
Paul J Davis, and educational researcher and author of “Best Practice Principles in Leadership Development Interventions: An Australian Perspective”, is a graduate educational professor at KIMEP University. In 2014, he conducted and educational research in which he discovers the magnitude and nature of the organizational compliance that suites best practice in leadership development initiatives. With these practices, leaders, such as myself, can utilized these practices when dispensing and safe and secure learning environment for not only our students, but our teachers as well. In the current case, as the new principal of about 1000, I have come to a problem that concerns parents and other stakeholders. It has been brought to our attention the crime right within the school surrounding community has increased. Even though these problems does not exist in the school itself, it still has a traumatizing effect on students’ behavior. Reason being is that all student react from their surroundings. If the community is conducting negative

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