Integrating Arts In The Classroom

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Mrs. Lee is beginning her first semester as a new high school English teacher. She created all of her lesson plans according to the traditional classroom standards. It’s the first day of school and students and the students are eager to learn. After several weeks, Mrs. Lee notices that her students weren’t interested in the lesson. Some of her students began to doze off in class and others stopped attending class. One day in class, she was exasperated with the fact that she wasn’t getting through to her students. She stopped in the middle of class, slammed her lesson plan book on the table and asked “Is everything alright? I’ve noticed that everyone is not interested in the lesson anymore.” After a brief moment of silence, a student finally raised their hand and replied, “Mrs. Lee, this class is boring! All we’re doing is sitting here watching…show more content…
Using arts helps students become engaged and it also shows that students have a vivid understanding of the material. In the article “2 Reasons” the senior program consultant of the John F. Kennedy center for performing arts center, Lynne B. Silverstein writes about the benefits of using the arts in the classroom. She writes: “When students learn through arts integration, they are engaged in experiences in which they actively build and demonstrate their understanding of both the art form and the other curriculum area.” (Silverstein). What she is implying is that arts integration has helped students become more active in participating in the classroom.
Another benefit of arts integration will be building confidence in the classroom. The arts force students to participate in the classroom. Therefore, shy or uncomfortable students that usually in the back of the class or hiding in the corner seat, will also be involved. This helps with self-esteem because students will be able to build confidence with role playing with other
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