Integrating Care For City Of Pasadena Public Health Department

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Integrating Care for City of Pasadena Public Health Department Integrated care helps with prevention of behavioral health and physical health problems. In addition, integrated care relates to a worldwide concept of health care reform that focuses more on coordinated care and integrated care ideas. This idea deals with the fragmented delivery of health care and the social service system helping the lower-income populations within the United States. World Health Organization explains that integrated care creates a shift in the way health care systems becomes funded, managed and delivered. In addition, clinicians have to place the person in the center of the care instead of the disease or illness (WHO Framework on integrated…show more content…
Furthermore, the mental health division includes Project Wraparound, community mental health, and library outreach. Next includes the community health services where the division includes communicable disease prevention and control, lead poisoning prevention and control, tuberculosis prevention and clinic, nutrition programs, and mother and children programs. Finally, the environmental health assesses and controls tobacco and environmental health services such as lodging, body art, recreational health, and food safety.
Population. These services are provided to a majority of the Northwest residents in Pasadena, which includes African Americans at 16.1%, Latinos at 53.7%, Whites at 16.1%, Asian at 5.3%, and others at 8.8% (Evolving Demographics in Pasadena, 2017). Within this population, the members come from various socioeconomic status ranging from lower-income at 25.2%, lower-middle income at 24.3%, middle income at 16.1%, upper middle income at 22.9% and upper income at 11.2% (Evolving Demographics in Pasadena, 2017).
Professionals that Provide Service. Currently, the organization has social workers and system navigators helping children, families, and older adults in short-term mental health treatment, substance abuse coordinators and counselors, HIV/AIDS coordinators, doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists.
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