Integrating Culture Diversity in Decision Making: Google Case Study

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Integrating Culture Diversity in Decision Making A brief Description of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google. They officially launched the company in late 1998. In the much awaited IPO, the company raised approximately $2 billion in September 2004. Currently, Google boasts of over fifteen thousand employees worldwide. Google's corporate culture and mission statement depict a philosophy of making money without the possibility of doing evil (Aponte, Rivers & Wohl, 2005). The life at Google is greatly dominated by these beliefs. The company operates on the official mission statement of organizing global information and making it universally useful and accessible. In 2006, Google won the award for the ideal place to work and was recognized for being the number one employer under the bets place to work category (Pride, Hughes & Kapoor, 2012). The culture of the selected organization Google is known for its fast pace and high-energy work environment. While the company might portray a casual dress code, it continues to attract and retain the brightest minds from the technology field. The atmosphere emphasizes on play hard and work hard. The company emphasizes on the twenty percent program where employees are encouraged to invest twenty percent of their time on personal interests and projects. This has kept employees happy and business booming. Experts have estimated that half of the products launched are attributed to the twenty percent time project (Farrell, Fella

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