Integrating Culture and Diversity in Decision Making Essay

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Integrating Culture and Diversity in Decision Making:
The CEO and Organizational Culture Profile
BUS 520 - Dr. Joy Lee Story
August 3, 2013

1. Provide a brief (1 paragraph) description of the organization you chose to research. Zappos was founded in 1999 during the dotcom boom by Nick Swinmurn [ (Twitchell, 2009) ] on a quest to buy a pair of sneakers at a local mall. It has grown in to a 1.2 billion dollar subsidiary of and a leading on-line provider of everything from shoes to couture handbags. They have done this with a simple motto: “Powered by Service”. Providing all of their customers with free (sometimes next day) shipping and returns, Zappos has invested in the power of word of mouth to fuel their business.
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Zappos seems to suggest that the way they treat their external customers as a company and the way their internal customers treat each other are not varied. In each of the videos posted on their company blog, employees regard their Core Values as both the way they guide their interactions with customers and with each other. Though subcultures do seem to exist (based simply on the variety of employee groups with blogs on their website), Zappos has taken great strides through rituals like their “Wishez” program to keep those unique subcultures from becoming countercultures that work against the common goals of the company. Indeed, relationships within these subcultures seem particularly strong. In one video describing the “Wishez” program and the way it bonds other departments together, employees seem to indicate that without it they might have never interacted in the first place. This seems to lend itself to Barker and Tompkins theory that “employees [maintain] a tendency to identify more strongly with their individual work teams than with the company as a whole”. [ (Schrodt, 2002) ] In one video, an employee identifies that she has hired a marching band to come and play Happy Birthday for another employees 40th birthday because he had teased when she turned 40. They work in the same department. By forging such
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