Integrating Electronic Medical Records And Disease Management At Dryden Family Medicine

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Case Study 3: Integrating Electronic Medical Records and Disease Management at Dryden
Family Medicine
Flore Julia Miezan
Dione Rojales
Prarthana (Monique) Chib
National University
7/ 31/ 14

This case study is based on the integration of electronic medical records known as EMR. The integration process came from Dryden, New York and was tested by a small medical practice named Dryden Family Medicine. The practice has been known for its outstanding family based services given to their community. The implementation process of EMRs doesn’t come without risks, but with its outstanding paper based medical record keeping that continued to expand as the practice grew left the Dryden Family practice no other choice but to try out something new in hopes for a better outcome.

In order for one to understand the risks involved in the use of electronic medical records one needs to understand the meaning behind what it is. An electronic medical record (EMR) is a paperless, digital and computerized system that helps an organization as well as the ongoing maintenance of data. EMRs are known to increases efficiency and to help reduce documentation
(Santiago, A). It is particularly hard for smaller group practices to start the use of EMR because of the risks that come along with the start up. Medical records of all patients which are seen is essential for all practices and should be kept securely to last many
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