Integrating Electronic Medical Records ( Emr ) With A Healthcare Management Information System

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Integrating Medical Records Brad Insco HCM450 – Healthcare Information Systems Colorado State University – Global Campus Ms. Sims October 26, 2014 Integrating Medical Records Integrating electronic medical records (EMR) with a healthcare management information system (HMIS) is a significant benefit to any organization. Pay-for-performance is the future of the healthcare market and stimulates changes in practices. Financial and human resources costs are also very high (Rand, 2009). There are also challenges when implementing an EMR which will be discussed as well. Pay-For-Performance In recent years pay-for-performance (P4P) programs have grown swiftly. This program is a way to enhance the quality and value of care which is provided by healthcare providers and hospitals to achieve optimal outcomes for their patient populations (Rand, 2009). P4P appeared as payers were now starting to focus on quality with the hopes that in doing so it will reduce the costs across the board (HealthAffaris, 2012). A typical P4P gives bonuses to providers when they meet the quality performance measures. The providers may also receive compensation for improved performance over a specific timeframe (HealthAffaris, 2012). One example of this would be a noticeable decrease in patient hospital readmissions. On the other hand, P4P’s can also execute financial consequences on healthcare providers and hospitals which fail to meet or achieve cost savings or specified goals
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