Integrating Instructional Technology Essay

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Running head: INTEGRATING INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY Integrating Instructional Technology Jimmy L. Burnett, Jr. Grand Canyon University: EDU 225 Instructional Technology July 22, 2012 Technology of the past 20 years has become a focal point of teaching and learning. As a teacher, it is my job to facilitate the learning for an individual by creating an environment that not only conducive for learning, but also places the child in a position to discover and learn them for themselves. Technology has given teachers to opportunity to take learning beyond the classroom, and has begun to reshape their role in the learning process. In the past, teachers were looked upon as the purveyor of all…show more content…
There are a litany of interactive products that can be implemented, but I lean more towards the use of Smart Boards and Mimio Interactive Products. Mimio and Smartboards give all your students the opportunity to become actively engaged in the lesson being taught. In addition to the engagement, it also eliminates any anxieties that a child may have in terms of standing in front of the class, because it allows them to interact or participate within the comforts of their own desk. Plus it’s fun, and who doesn’t like having fun, even if it’s in school. Pros and Cons According to Huff Post Education, part of the Huffington Post internet newspaper that caters to the world of education, companies such Google, Verizon and Microsoft are pouring in million upon millions of dollars to provide schools with the latest in new gadgets and devices. The schools are in return, are looking for technology to revive student performances in the classroom (Contributing writer to the Huffington Post, 2010). As I mentioned earlier, my goal is to produce lifelong learners. I want my students to be just a captivated in my class as they are to latest music video by their favorite artist. Engagement is the true issue here, and begs the question, “Does technology foster engagement or inhibit it?, (Ain, 2011). I for one, believe that technology can do what is it purposed to do, and that is to foster engagement and enable critical and creative thinking (Ain,
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