Integrating Mission, Methods, And Resources

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I learned that aligning mission, methods and resources are needed to make the organization stay in good shape in order for it to run properly. According to, mission means “a group or committee of persons sent to a foreign country to conduct negotiations, establish relations, provide scientific and technical assistance, or the like”. To me, mission means a group of people going out of their way to a country that needs help from others due to a difficult situation. Cambridge Dictionaries Online stated methods mean “a particular way of doing something”. My definition of methods is having step by step on how to approach an idea and make sure the individual or group will achieve those specific goals. As for Merriam-Webster, resource means “a supply of something (such as money) that someone has and can use when it is needed”. I defined resources as supplies that are needed to be in stock for people to access and to increase the wealth in the country. I learned this when I was about to interview Lia McNeilly and we briefly gave an overview of our lives. I mention to Lia about my major and my main goals for the future that incorporate nonprofit studies. She listened to my thoughts and she told me about all of these optional that I could use to further my education. Not to mention, she used my major and applied it to real life scenarios where she got me thinking how amazing it is that my major and minors can make a difference in the future. My first example, I
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