Integrating Multiculturalism Into A School Curriculum

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In its most basic definition, multiculturalism refers to the sharing of many cultures. When it comes to incorporating multiculturalism into a school curriculum, there should be a couple of main goals that every school should try to achieve. One of those goals should be for the school to teach children to recognize the differences and similarities among different cultures. By allowing students the opportunity to explore the uniqueness of different cultures, schools are also exposing those students to common traits shared by cultures as well. When children recognize and accept the many different cultures present in the classroom, it often relates to acceptance and tolerance, which can help to eliminate prejudice and racism in the world outside of the classroom. Another goal of a multicultural program is to encourage students to interact with students of other cultures in an effort to build cooperative social skills. When students work together more often, they become accepting of the differences and similarities of others. Students learn to value differing viewpoints and opinions, as well as embrace the individuality of themselves and others. Interacting with others in group settings also allows minority students the opportunity to develop their social skills in a setting that may be different from their normal environment. Learning about different cultures in a classroom setting can lead to a boost in a student’s self-esteem and pride as students witness how their
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