Integrating My Faith and My Profession Essay

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Abstract This book provides an educational resource in the understanding relationship between psychology and Christianity. The book incorporates our chosen profession with our faith confession as an integrative approach. The book explains the integration of psychology and Christianity as a journey with multidisciplinary natures. This book emphasizes on several areas, such as historical outlooks on faith and science and the essence of psychology. The associations of psychology and theology are in effect unavoidable due to their common significance in accepting the uncertainty of human behavior and healing human factors. The book also concentrates on general worldviews and essential components of Christian worldviews and our ability…show more content…
Throughout the chapters, the book categorizes models of disciplinary relationships, for instance antagonistic involves enemies paradigm, intermediate involves spies paradigm, colonialists paradigm, and neutral parties paradigm, and integrative involves allies paradigm. Neutral parties construct two sections of theological and psychological conclusions, for example Psychological neutrality, which arises when an individual is dedicated to the occupation of psychology and concurrently embraces religious, but not necessarily Christian beliefs. Christian neutrality takes place when someone is devoted to the career of psychology and at the same time holds Christian beliefs. David Entwistle (2004) also states that integrationist feel that, “God has given us two books, the book of His word and the book of His works” (pg. 274). David Entwistle (2004) clarifies that, “The book of God’s word, which reveals the will of God; and the book of God’s works, which express His power” (pg. 308). For all intents and purposes, the book is primarily summed up in a variety of approaches linking psychology and Christianity from fairly common supposition and assumptions and those interested in models of integration, worldview subjects, and philosophical foundations. The book is intended too focal point psychology and
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