Integrating Search Engines With E Commerce

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INTRODUCTION. Since we have already explored the world of social media, Book bunker should now start looking at other opportunities in electronically marketing themselves. We all know that the world is shifting to a global market that is web-driven and therefore major businesses are being done online through websites. Online shopping is taking the lead as people are seeking or rendering online service and products since it is more secure and simpler compared to physical shopping. As an E-marketing and E-commerce expert, it is important to design, develop and maintain a Bunker Books website that includes a sophisticated shopping cart system, payment systems over the internet, end solutions that will add value to other components of…show more content…
Therefore the installation, maintenance and customization of the e-commerce services should be based on various shopping carts which includes; Drag and drop designs, password protected web pages and individual pages for new products and the bestselling products, to name a few. These shopping carts offer various features that enable online product management services which should be crucial to the organization. In addition, they offer internet payment options such as, merchant accounts that should be helpful to the organization (secure trading, 2014). Also, they can support processing of credit cards in real-time. They can support payment by checks or cash on delivery. In addition, checks by email and manual getaways where; orders and information of payment are collected and processed offline. There are various online payment getaways that can be incorporated into the organization such as, the PayPal express, the Bank of America and other Central payments. The use of each of these payment systems will depend on the web sites capability to support online e-commerce while at the same time incorporating e-marketing strategies that will advertise the organizations products and services to a broad range of customers in the world. To start an online payment system requires the creation of a merchant account and then establishing a payment getaway provider such as PayPal. A merchant account is set up
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