Integrating Social Media Into Traditional Marketing

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Yvette Eisenhart Kaplan University GB601: MBA Capstone Unit 2 Assignment Integrating Social Media into Traditional Marketing 12/12/2012 Abstract Effective marketing is a requirement for successful market saturation. There are many marketing avenues available for companies to utilize including social media. Most companies use a variety of advertising outlets at once to reach a larger audience; this is called a media mix (Cadotte, 2003). Social media trends have grown tremendously over the past few years and many companies now utilize this avenue of marketing. This paper will discuss leading edge trends in integrating social media into traditional marketing and…show more content…
Using LinkedIn to market both of these segments will be most advantageous reaching a large area of the target market. Each ad will differentiate the unique components and applications offered for each of the Mercedes and the Traveler. The Workhorse can successfully be marketed using more basic everyday social media sources. The Workhorse segment was made to cater to the needs of a variety of office workers but is not a top of the line computer and therefore is priced cheaper than the Mercedes and the Traveler segments. The advertising campaign for the Workhorse must reach office employees and business professionals and must cost less than the marketing campaign for the Mercedes and the Traveler. We stated earlier in this paper that when creating a marketing plan it is necessary to ensure that the campaign is cost effective. The Workhorse segment could be advertised on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter; all of which cater to a variety of workers many of whom would benefit from this segment of computer. Using traditional methods of advertising will be advantageous to all three segments as well. Magazines such as business magazines and newspapers will reach the target market for each segment as well. It will be necessary to research each target market for each individual segment to provide differentiation among the different
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