Integrating Social Media Networks As A Learning Tool For Open And Distance Education

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INTEGRATING SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS AS A LEARNING TOOL FOR OPEN AND DISTANCE EDUCATION STUDENTS ABSTRACT Social media networks (SMNs) have provided a platform for people to connect with their peers, share information and interact with each other. It has proven to be a tool that can affect peoples’ lives positively or negatively depending on its usage. A large number of youths which are mostly students have embraced this emerging technology, hence, advocates of open and distance education must take advantage of it towards increasing students’ acceptance and engagement in open and distance learning. Analysis of responses obtained from the survey carried out using questionnaires showed that 50% of respondents spent more than 2 hours daily on…show more content…
It has provided a platform where students can both interact with themselves and their lecturers. With Social Media Networks (SMNs), teaching and learning can become a continuous exercise that will not be limited to the four corners of the classrooms. A rating done by Alexa global traffic rank projected top five social networks in the world as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Google Plus+. According to the Internet world statistics computed in June, 2014, Nigeria now top Africa with Internet penetration rate of 23.6% which represents 70.3 millions connections (Internet World Stats, 2015). A social marketing report on Nigeria carried out in the month of April, 2015 showed that the average number of fans for top 20 brands in Nigeria is 935181 for Facebook, 112919 for twitter and 1821 for YouTube. It also showed that the Top 5 Industries on Facebook which are telecoms, e-commerce, finance, beauty and retail has5302433, 2449738, 2357337, 1399715 and 1014850 numbers of fans respectively (Socialbreaker, 2015). The response rate per posts for the top 3 brand on Facebook (Telecom, Finance and Retail) was put at 82%, 73% and 56% at a response time of 454, 553, 932 (in minutes) respectively. This data showed that Nigerians are active users of social media networks. Furthermore, it can be observed that of all the top 20 industries on these networks, none was an academic
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