Integrating Transcendental Concepts into Life Essay examples

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Some people say that any change is for good, and that an idea is immortal. That is only true when the idea serves well for the current generation. For when a certain thought displeases the men in power, they make sure it is forgotten. If one tries to think of an example, he would rarely think of something from the top of his head. Many great concepts like the original "Capitalism" by Marks were perverted and shown in the wrong colours. But the one school of thought that is especially relevant today is transcendentalism. Transcendentalism principles are mostly known through art created by american (and many other) writers, such as Thoreau, Emerson, or through movies, like the "Dead Poet Society". The idea of self - reliance, disconnection…show more content…
Is this what I was born to do? And Emerson wants people to honestly answer that question. For if you lie to yourself, how can you keep the trust? What I personally see in that quote, is that having your own opinion is important. If you trust yourself, others would trust your judgement as well.
A different transcendental concept to consider would the the idea of a social contract between the nation and it's government, discussed in Thoreau's "Civil disobedience". The essence of his message is delivered by the following quote:"If the machine of government is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to each other, then, I say, break the law". Despite for the obvious meaning, most of his ideas can be derived from that quote. Firstly, Thoreau support and expands the works of Enlightenment thinkers by saying that the power the government has over it's citizens is a contract between both sides. A common man gives up some of his power and works for the government in return for protection and welfare. In case where citizens are unhappy about the contract, it can be stopped. Therefore, if the government that has signed up to protect you turns you into( or becomes) a source of injustice, you need to break the law. By breaking the law Thoreau means stepping out of the boundaries set to you by the government.Politicians exist only because you give them your power. If you choose to withdraw it, then their rules exist no longer. The nowadays issue Thoreau's
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