Integrating Water Taxi Services into the Miami-Dade Transit System

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Big Idea: Full water taxi service integrated into the Miami-Dade public transit system. Problem Statement: The city of Miami, and indeed the entire Miami-Dade County, is celebrated for its vast waterways that connect distant parts of town. However, the only way for residents to access these waterways is via private boat. With traffic congestion reaching critical levels throughout the county, it is becoming increasingly important to offer residents alternative means of transportation that are accessible, affordable, and easy to use. Water taxis would add "fun" to the list of qualities the public transportation system in Miami would boast. Few cities have the potential to make a water taxi system work as well as Miami. A water taxi system currently exists, but on a very small scale and operated by a private company. The service is severely flawed in that it is not integrated with any other transportation service. It has therefore become only accessible to tourists who want to ride through Biscayne Bay. The proposed water taxi service would be geared towards the local market, although tourists will also find great benefit from the service. Challenges: Integrating water taxi services into the Miami-Dade transit system will be a costly endeavor. The investment will pay off eventually, but the city does need to acquire major investments that may come from the private sector as well as public funding. A water taxi service should eventually be extensive enough to cover the

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