Integrating Wellness Into Anesthesia School, And Give Large Discounts Towards Massage

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integrate wellness into anesthesia school, and give large discounts towards massage” (Chipas et al., 2012, p. 53).
Coping Mechanisms used among SRNAs For centuries, humans have pondered diverse mechanisms of how to effectively deal with stress. The typical clinical setting of a SRNA consistently parallels the conditions that define a stressful environment. Dr. William Halstead, the New York surgeon accredited with popularizing regional anesthesia in the United States, used cocaine outside of the clinical setting as a method of coping with the rigorous stressors of his career (McDonough, 1990). The stress resulting from the SRNA education along with the DNP program can be a major source of psychological stress for the SRNA. According to McDonough (1990), “stress is an imbalance that seeks to be relieved” (p. 195). McDonough (1990) found that personalities and addictive tendencies of individuals caused some individuals to abuse drugs. A survey was administered to 150 students to assess addictive personality traits. Results indicated that anesthesia students had significantly higher scores in excitement seeking behaviors. McDonough (1990) also suggested the creation of support system to aid students in finding effective coping skills. Findings from this study provided the anesthesia literature with insight into substance abuse among SRNAs. SRNAs develop various coping mechanisms to relieve stressors. Kless (1989) studied the effectiveness of social support groups in reducing…
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