Integration Between Peasant And Elite Populations

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Over the years, the ever-evolving gastronomic identity that resulted from the fluid integration between peasant and elite populations helped shape an equally evolving Italian cultural identity. This glutinous parallel can be seen in the unique identities in the various regions ranging from the South to the North of Italy. Although many national stereotypes exist today from the “macaroni-eaters,” to the red sauce that accompanies pasta, these can be explained by the exchange and the influence that globalization has on culture. Acting as a basis to Italian identity are the practices passed down through generations orally, the knowledge that is indispensable to their heritage in which each recipe holds a variant to another. This…show more content…
Consequently, patrons are responsible to protect the culture and traditions of their region.
Being relatively inexperienced in the culinary world, I effectively set aside a days worth of time to prepare my meal. Pouring over lists of ingredients, various recipes, and meticulously organized equipment, I began my culinary journey with an Italian mindset. Beginning bright and early at the Root Cellar I browsed through the vibrant local produce, indulged in the scent of fresh herbs, and stood in awe at the monstrous wheel of parmigiano reggiano. Rather than opting for packaged herbs, I took this opportunity to cross off my goal of creating an herb garden on my list of to-dos. Continuing on my journey, I visited the Market on Yates, which is full of unusual items that can be easily overlooked amongst rows of generic names. This neighborhood market acts as a fresh grocer much like the farmer’s markets that are not accessible to those living in the heart of downtown Victoria.
Food is an essential component to the creation of an Italian identity, as it offers not only sustenance, but also provides narratives that reflect community and conflicts, tradition and innovation. When searching for an appropriate recipe, reaching out to family and friends for a recipe they swear by, a family ‘secret,” which seemed consistent with Italian culture. The passing down of recipes and techniques
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