Integration: Causal Chains and Strategy

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Integration- Causal Chains and Strategy Table 1 Learning/Growth Internal Business Processes Customer Service Financial Introduction of learning programs like seminars Integrating new ideas and concepts into the business Instilling new ideas and products to customers through services rendered, and products manufactured Loan balances deposit balances non-interest income Arrow chart The whole chain is a demonstration of how implementation of any of the organizational goals results in a subsequent achievement of the other objectives. The three goals of credit, deposit, and non-interest balances are given a balance of leadership within the organization. Growth and learning This process depicts the capacity of a business to move from one level of achievement to another. Learning results in many activities like balancing of loans and maximizing achievements within an organization. Growth refers to integration of new facets of performance in the organization. A business starts as a small corporation and then grows into a large corporation through learning and growth process (Kaplan & Norton, 2008). Services within such organizations will increase in value and quantity through the learning process. Diversity of production is a facet depicted from learning. Within an organization, learning changes the manner in which production is assumed while new parameters of production are utilized. In other ways, learning is a necessary facet within any organization that
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